A Secret Weapon For art

artwork - images or other visual representations inside of a printed publication; "the publisher was to blame for every one of the artwork in the e book"

(= human endeavour) → Künstlichkeit f; unspoiled by art → unverbildet; are they the products and solutions of art or character? → sind sie natürlich oder von Menschenhand geschaffen?; her magnificence owes far more to art than character → sie verdankt ihre Schönheit mehr der Kunst als der Natur

a motion in twentieth-century portray wherein several planes of the object in the form of cubes or other solids are presented in an arbitrary arrangement using a narrow range of colors or monochrome. — Cubist, n. — Cubistic, adj.

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aesthetics, esthetics - (artwork) the department of philosophy handling splendor and style (emphasizing the evaluative requirements which can be applied to artwork); "conventional aesthetics assumed the existence of common and timeless standards of creative price"

3. (Artwork Conditions) imaginative skill as placed on representations with the organic earth or figments from the creativity

(often with cash) languages, literature, historical past, instead of scientific topics. kunste الآداب، المَواضيع الأدَبِيَّه художествен Humanas humanitní/společenské vědy die Geisteswissenschaften (pl.) humanistiske fag κλασικές επιστήμες Letras, Filosofía y Letras humanitaaralad کارهای هنری humanistiset tieteet lettres אָמָנוּיוֹת कला društve znanosti bölcsészet ilmu-ilmu sastra hugvísindi Lettere, materie umanistiche 人文科学 인문 과학 humanitariniai mokslai humanitārās zinātnes sastera letterenhumanistiske fag nauki humanistyczne هنری کارونه Letras domenii umaniste гуманитарные науки humanitné vedy humanistične vede društvene nauke (nasuprot prirodnim naukama), kao predmeti proučavanja u školi ili na fakultetu ämnen inom humanistiska fakulteten, humaniora ศิลปศาสตร์ sosyal bilimler 文科 гуманітарні науки فنون ، فنون لطیفہ môn nghệ thuật 文科

a spontaneous, intuitive painting procedure generating nonformal get the job done characterised by sinuous lines. Also referred to as Motion Painting.

2. made use of pejoratively to describe individuals who believe that only in “artwork for artwork’s sake,” for the exclusion of all other human functions.

vocabulary - the technique of approaches or symbols serving as a method of expression (as in arts or crafts); "he introduced a wide vocabulary of techniques"

decoupage - the artwork of decorating a area with styles or shots and then coating it with vanish or lacquer

- Arises from a base word this means "set collectively"; its unique general indicating referred to any type of talent.

decoupage - artwork produced by decorating a surface with cutouts and after that coating it with a number of levels of varnish or lacquer

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decalcomania - the art of transfering models from specially well prepared paper to a wood or glass or metallic surface area

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